Promoting a Trinitarian vision of deification and contemplative prayer

Exerpts from Fr. Krill’s recent book, Le Point Vierge

November 25

When you become responsive to the solicitations of Silence, you may be called to explore the invitation. This exploration is a kind of laboratory … If you remain present without becoming an accomplice, agitation slows down through lack of fuel. In the absence of agitation you are taken by the resonance of Stillness.

Jean Klein, Who Am I?: The Sacred Quest


Stillness speaks. Silence saves. Entering Presence, our agitations are quelled and the Peace of God arises.


Inspire us to respond to the solicitations of Silence, O God. Reveal Yourself in Presence and Stillness.

A full year worth of Daily Meditations in book form can be found in the 2021 publication, Le Point Vierge

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