Promoting a Trinitarian vision of deification and contemplative prayer

Exerpts from Fr. Krill’s recent book, Le Point Vierge

July 6

I heard [God] say, I shall utterly shatter you. I will empty you of your vain inclinations and bitter pride. After that I will gather you up and infuse you with humility and gentleness. I will make you pure and holy. I shall one you to myself…in this showing Jesus gave me all that I needed. ‘Sin is inevitable,’ he said, ‘yet all will be well and all will be well and every kind of thing shall be well.’

Mirabai Starr, Showings of Julian of Norwich


God permits what we call evil to deliver us from evil. Suffering subverts itself by awakening us to Presence.


In moments of egoic collapse remind us that egoic breakdown often precedes spiritual breakthrough, O God. Presence arises when Surrender occurs.

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