Promoting a Trinitarian vision of deification and contemplative prayer

Exerpts from two new publications from Fr. Krill, Gelassenheit: Day-By-Day with Meister Eckhart, and, Mushin: Meditations on the Mystery of Mindfulness 

April 1

Pure awareness transcends thinking. It allows you to step outside the chattering negative self-talk and your reactive impulses and emotions. It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life.

Mark Williams


In Presence we stand outside our thoughts and enter the Mystery of Presence. God cannot be grasped by thinking but reveals Himself in Presence.


Open our eyes to the Power of Your Presence, O God. In Presence grant us a share in the Peace ‘that passes all understanding’ (cf. Php. 4:7).

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